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Launched in 2000 by COGELSA, a company that independently manufactures and develops industrial lubricants and greases, Global Racing Oil (GRO) offers premium automotive and motorcycle lubricants specifically designed for high performance engines.

When we first met with GRO, we identified opportunities to expand the brand in North America. Before 2020, GRO was sold almost exclusively in Europe and South America. We were tasked with developing the trusted brand of lubricant products for a new kind of consumer. The typical consumer in North America had more options and a greater understanding of the lubricant specifications. From enthusiasts to racing-teams, we had to create an experience that aligned with their values.

The website we created for GRO is simple and intuitive — offering beautiful graphics and detailed product descriptions. It's interface is familiar to consumers in the automotive and motorcycle market segment and the organization of the site allows for greater browsability.

For this project, we created a custom Shopify theme and used GRO's existing brand guidelines to influence design decisions. On the backend, we leverage Shopify, Klaviyo and custom apps to facilitate an omnichannel marketing approach.

The website took approximately 8 weeks to complete with constant collaboration and feedback from the GRO leadership team. We also continue to manage and update the website.

The final product had to look great on every device. GRO's customers were constantly on the go using their phones or tablets to transact. As a result, we had to ensure our responsive layout would load quickly, be easy to navigate and appear at the top of search engines. We carefully studied user behavior on mobile devices allowing the end-users to dictate the overall experience of the site.

GRO can now be found across the United States. Vendors use the B2B web portal to create purchase orders and process payments, enthusiasts have product shipped straight to their door with convenience and GRO sales representatives process on and off site transactions, with or without internet, using the sites robust point-of-sale system.


Kyle Kopelke

Lead Consultant

Amatumoto Grand Prix Motorbikes

Importer for GRO USA

Leopard Racing Team


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