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Rarely do companies achieve the superstar growth that Chomps has in the last decade. Most recently, with three-year growth above 4,000% (yes... four-thousand), they've quickly established themselves as a serious competitor in the consumer packaged goods sector. Their product: a specialty meat stick designed to cut cravings, calories and all the unnecessary preservatives from your afternoon snack.

Even with results that would make any executive team jump for joy, Chomp's continues to find new and innovate ways to grow their business. After identifying opportunities in their technical integrations, we went to work supporting their in-house team with Shopify — providing consultation on their digital reporting systems.

The Chomps team needed to ensure that their reports matched what was actually happening on their site. If a conversion was double counted or not counted at all it could prove disastrous to their bottom line. They were leveraging remarketing strategies to capture customers that reached a certain threshold, for example "Added to Cart". If a customer didn't complete the purchase they'd be segmented into a group that receives remarketing advertisements.

Remarketing has evolved as an efficient tool for capturing customers that might drop off in the sales funnel. It's scalability and autonomy makes it attractive to marketers looking to closely manage their margins and advertising budget. When a customer is scrolling through their Facebook or Instagram feed, they might stumble upon an advertisement from Chomps sparking their interest in the product once more.

Connecting the dots.

Again, it was critical that any conversions or data being captured was accurate. The site had opportunities in the way it handled events. An event might be when a customer reaches a certain page, spends a predetermined amount of time on a page or clicks a specific button. After closely going through the backend code, we identified and rectified those opportunities contributing to accurate reporting and more efficient remarketing campaigns.


Kyle Kopelke

Lead Consultant

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