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Talbott's Purchase

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Rich with history and lore, Talbott's Purchase is a historic home in Maryland's suburban neighborhood of Cockeysville. A gem amongst mostly tract architecture, Talbott's Purchase stakes it's claim as a must-see historic home — brandishing mature brick, carefully crafted wooden supports and iron fixtures throughout.

When the time had come for it's most recent owners to move on; it would prove critical that Talbott's story was told.

Affixed next to the front door of the home reads the sign: "Talbott's Purchase Circa 1790". Presumably first owned by a Talbott of noble lineage, this home's history is very much a mystery. It's footage is generous but not pompous (the acreage even less assuming) and it's original location was likely a gamble. Over the years it's undergone necessary maintenance, yet still pays homage to it's original form. It boasts additions spanning many generations and it's share of creative repurposing.

With all this in mind, we got to work — bringing life to it's listing.

We knew that when we had the right shots, Talbott would be selling itself.

Our creatives were tasked with capturing Talbott's best moments. With expert level precision, creative director Carlos Zabala carefully portrayed Talbott's Purchase in it's best light with each capture complementing it's grandeur. The portraits were not easy, most needing to be timed such that the natural lighting was hitting the subject at just the right angle. The portraits were then expertly prepared, highlighting the idiosyncrasies of the home.

Shortly after the portraits were taken and prepared, Talbott found a new tenant to continue it's legacy with.


Carlos Zabala

Photography, Creative Director

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