How To: Shopify "Debut Theme" Search Result Grid (Mobile Responsive) — Copy and Paste

October 28, 2020

The following guide requires custom code and is intended for the Debut Theme. Make sure to backup your theme before making any changes.

Getting Started

This guide will teach you how to change your Shopify search results page from list view to grid view on the Debut Theme. The code below is mobile responsive and will work on all devices.

After you've backed up your theme. Begin by downloading the following code. This will replace the code that is in your search.liquid file. Once you've downloaded the code open it with your favorite text editor or notepad.

Copy and paste the code into your search.liquid file

Once you've opened the file copy it's entire contents. Head over to your Shopify store and open up your theme editor. Delete everything inside the search.liquid file and paste the new code.

Save and enjoy!

Save your search.liquid file and view the results.

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